Antim Sanskar Ground | shamshan ghat

We provide all type antim sanskar procedure in our shamshan ghat. Appointment can be done in one call. Available for 24 hours X 7 days.

shamshan ghat | antim sanskar ground | ambulance service

Address of are cremation ground or shamshan ghat or antim sanskar ground.

However, we have a shamshan ghat or antim sanskar ground or cremation ground near rithala you can find the address below. In the place, all the procedure of crematorium is done. All the product of antim sanskar or cremation or crematorium is available here.

Antim Sanskar Ground or Shamshan ghat Address


Our staff of shamshan ghat which helps you to tell you the procedure of antim sanskar and cremation and they will also tell you the necessary item to do the procedure. In shamshan ghat you can get all type related services such as anitm sanskar product. Which include the burning of the body and Pundit Ji of the shamshan ghat that will do all the procedure of the antim sanskar or crematorium or cremation.

antim sanskar ka saman | shamshan ghat | creamtion ground
shamshan ghat
shamshan ghat | antim sanskar ground | cremation ground
creamtion ground | shamshan ground
shamshan ghat | antim sanskar ground

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Why you choose are samshan ghat in Delhi. Our antim sanskar ground key features:-

we have an antim sanskar shop in sector 3 which provide all type of antim sanskar product. you can find the address by going on the branch page.

In fact, Oxygen is important to those patients that are critical. That why we provide comparatively cheaper than the other provider.

We have an anitm sanskar ground in rithala. In this place, we provide you all types of related services.

We have a  shamshan ghat in rithala. In this place we provide you all type of related service.

Steps to take appointment in shamshan ghat

  • First see the address above to know that this shamshan ghat is near you or not.
  • If yes or no call us because we will help you to book your appointment in any shamshan ghat of delhi in one call.
  • We also provide you all the antim sanskar product that are required in antim sankar and we can help by providing ambulance service also.
  • We also provide you a pandit ji that will help in doing all stuff.
  • In a single call we can help you to provide all the service such as ambulance service and antim sanskar product and pandit ji also and to provide you the proper appointment in every shamshan ghat.
  • Don’t worry i will help you in providing you all the things that are reqired in shamshan ghat at affordable price. 
About us

In fact, we have a company known as Shree ram antim sanskar known for its affdability and honesty. We are the only provider that provides you all types of antim sanskar products and all types of ambulance services in Delhi. Among all the provider we are the only provider that provides you free ambulance service on the above order of 10000. We also provide extra service also such as providing pandit Ji for doing vidie at your home. Justdial also recommended us that we provide the best ambulance service and anitm sanskar product in Delhi.

Basis of antim sansakar procedure

The concept of antim sanskar is based on Hindu literature. Hindu literature reflects that the body of the human body consists of five-element such as air, water, earth, fire, space. Therefore this last passage helps the body to return to its five components. the ritual takes gives the path towards the a process that leads the dead to a new life leaving behind the already possessed life. (Click)

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